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tomatometers - 3,9 / 5

critique - It is so fun it encouraged me to be a teacher when I’m older I disagree with what someone said about the ads

genres - Entertainment

device - Ipad

publish Date - 2016-10-26

size - 121,9 megabyte

language - Turkish

You should say clone Tycoon 4. #360 MADNESS. PLZ MAKE MORE VIDEOS I LUV YOUR VIDEOS. Every 3 60 you did means sir mewos a lot go CRAZY LOL. 4 hours late ?? Love you zaiii <3. The teacher said they danm. You are the best YouTuber ever????????. The intro. was Hilarious. Dennis stop with the 360.


Hello Zai, Can I ask somthing about your mc server. Your Rong it"s not oil it"s milk- from the cupcake. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day in the life. Hi I love your vidsssss. YASSSSSSSS. Yet to bashing you and his. Zai squad or Biggs squad, like for if your in the zai squad and comment if you"re in the Biggs squad. XD. DENIS STOP WITH THE 30 SPINS OK sooo you can win. Someone in my class prank called my teacher and she has a bad temper and they got in trouble XD.

I have that game on my phone zai. Did anyone notice at 5:55 the teachers speech bubble said ohhhh,those damn Rascals. Can you please stop the ringing 360s. Geez windows. Stop it with the ?? 360!!!. BEST HIGH SCHOOL PRANK EVER. At the date she didn"t even wear the clothes you picked out. Put the car red too mach her anger xD. Kick me is not harmless. Hey Dennis why don"t you try the Lawton tycoon in Roblox still love Roblox so much.

Max is creepiying me out. Remember me from Ricky"s stream zai. Best high school pranks ever! You go girl!Yassss. YOU SAID NO 360S. 11 months late sorry. David is on?? ETA at Mansfield now. Stop wis det 360??. Best high school prank. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day. I would never prank my teacher (btw who ships zai and her boyfriend i do.

Ok that was super funny I laughed until I peed in my pants XD

Go Denis love your 360"s. Pin me plz. Early squad. She said oh them d. rascals lol. Can u put the link to the roblox games. I CAN"T do three sixty because I focus on mah game. Zai can you please do the next 10 stages. I AM FINALLY EARLY YASSS. I love u zai. Knock knock who there duck duck who DUCKKKKK. I never did a prank at school I was too scared too! ????. After school I go home at 3:00 P.M. I love your game. Yeah me to I was to scared but I"m gonna try. IMG did you see Zais face when she put salt in her coffe. ???????? lol. Ive played that map??. OMG Girl. I played this obby before with my classmate. I put salt in her coffe. When zai said, YOU ARE GONNA SMELL BAD, the game said, AWESOME. XD. The students are bullying the teacher. THAT"S WHY SHE"S MAD! OMG I figured it out.

If you reading this you are amazing. When u said we are going to make her FALL I felt so bad XD. Denis is cool. https://surushigaku.theblog.me/posts/6064844 You are my number one can I want you to do a back flip my name is Micah I watch your videos but sadly I do not have any good single. The mad teacher looks like me when you give her a makeover. I LOVE your vids you are the best in the word and dry hello scythe. Zai were you on royal high bc I was Lila lol. Right after you got a lot of notifications on your computer my mom got one You should get spore on steam its really fun. Dude do not come to georgia cuz im 3rd grade and i am going home in 7 pm and school starts in 9 m. And what is the point of escapeing school we just come back again and we are supposed to go home after.

Hi zai \ zaira! happy thanksgiving! ??????. I?yourveds. Yay no more school and I"m in gifted class! PS awesome video I which 15 of your videos every day. And play with you on minecraft. I ?? ROBLOX. I have the same face in roblox! ??????????. Dennis almost at the end u still did a 3 60. I am going to do that to my teacher and say it was one of my friends and ask them to the toilet. My grandpa died zai in his sleep I"m crying. Because they kept on making a mess. I love denis. I"ve done the old thumbtack in the teachers chair and everyone in the class got detention except me i was the nice kid.

I KNOW that game but. i deleted it bc i hated level 5 is so hard. But your video"s are cool. More like helping my techer. I played that and I beat it. I think shes just cranky because she probably lives alone. BEST PRAANNKK. Ios my teacher"s crazy day school. Windows intensifies. I don"t know what you mean. Your doing 360s everywhere i wanna unsubscribe. I think there"s doing the right thing??. XD it was getting louder and louder and louder. Denis you are my favourite. Stop treesixstys. My name in roblox is Queenkristy25 but i change my roblox name and it is enchaned55. You seid no more 360"s.

717 th like. WOOOAAAAHHHHH TRICK SHOT. What happend to the teacher outfit ZAI IS THE BESTTTT. I banged my head and got ice. You a awesome????. No do not stop 360. I did I made my friend sit on a woopycooshin.

I love you zia but I did not like the teachers outfit

You. are. cool. Chaecagerlo.parsiblog.com/Posts/1/%5bMobile%5d+Android+Hack+Free+Generator+Dog+Hotel+Languages+English. CAN YOU DO A FORT VID. In the middle of the video you said no more 3 60s an then when the video was close to the end you done a 3 60 I dont know why you did that ?? Anyways I still love youre videos.

I love your videos thow. Hi hi hi love your vids??????. http://chaecagerlo.parsiblog.com/Posts/2/MLB+Perfect+Inning+2019+full+hack+mod+apk+Sports+genre/ Don,t you like your teacher. No i did not zai ??. No more 3 sestis you good but it holling the video uhhh. You made my day you inspired me to be strong. Where do you live specifically any detail. This is what I should do but my teacher is nice I should prank my mean one like write something on the board like poop. I liked and subed. I love the makeup choses you made. I played that game in Roblox. I have that game. Ios my teacher"s crazy day image.

Ive played that before I didnt beat it though.
You are making me disie.
You"re so skilled and quite funny i love to watch your video.
I had a dream that you was my neighbor next door and my cousin and every video you would make I would be in it and you and me and also my brother would ride to Mondawmin and we collected marbles and every time you had more than me I would ask if I can have one because you had two more than me but you go back home and shake your head no.
Happy holidays Zai! May god bless you and youre mom oh and i can ever forget ricky! ?.

Ios my teacher"s crazy day full. Do part 2 pls. Play who"s your dady. Maybe when I get a mean teacher I will prank them >:3. Plz friend me my name is Tejwanqwo. Oww, Windows, stop with the notifications. DO 3^6DS ALL THE TIME. Denis: WINDOWS STOP IT! STOP WITH THE NOTIFICATIONS! Me: OMG WINDOWS STOP THIS. And this is how.

I like your videos so much because I am good and youre funny and yeah thats all I need to say

[Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day forecasts. But also. I subed i liked and I played that map. No won trust denis and i love him. I like you vedo. Stop doing the 360 does 360 spin is when you jump up in the air and do flips is not when you spin around you tell me what is the last time you can say when someone say to another 360 spinner 360 dance down and stop subscribing. He lied about the 360e"s. LOL imagine the windows notification sound ×500. You are awesome at parkouring backwards, and 360s. I did my friend dare me to put a nail on my teacher"s chair and I did it. ?.

I played this game. Play escape circus obby. Is it crazy. I played that game today. LOLOLOLOLOL! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Your videos are the best whoop whoop

Not 3.60 but it is a 1.80.

I wish I could do that too but I was too scared too xD

Do you have a verry bad teacher? Don"t worry! Just make her prettier to go on a date with the coach. I love your vidos Hailey. Play tf2. I"m a big fan fan of the fans. I do not like your channels. I LOVE your vid I wish I had a box of cool things about you and your cat is really cute and fuzzy inside. It crushed mine. Zai play my teacher. If your teacher bullies you then he/she would lose the job. Plz can you do the athore stage bc i have play the the love letter thosent work.I think so.

Someone teased me today and they called my caliou. I never did and my mom did not. 1 To like this comment.

The top and the blue st isn"t working for me but i still loved the video

Ios my teacher"s crazy day clip art. Big Win Soccer: World Football Zai notice that teacher said those damn rascals. Ios my teacher"s crazy day care. I loved this one. No I prank MY mean techear and now she is very mad at me. How do you get the actual obby. Is anybody else watching this is 2018 11/5/18.

Stop doing 3 60s. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day 1. Denis is the best youtuber. Ios my teacher"s crazy day song. U said no more 360s. I Subcribed. I LOVE DENIS. Can you friend me ???????. Hey zai love your vids plz zai hi reply plzz. I bet this pretty youtuber wont pin this lolz. You keep doing 360s. Hi zai l love ur vids they are fun. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day loans. Zain play the game Royal Academy it"s like Royal high a little.

He is good looking jk you really think I like him he is out of my league bye Zaire. It stayed the D word. http://chaecagerlo.parsiblog.com/Posts/4/HACK+FREE+APP+BLOONS+TD+5+LANGUAGE+FRENCH/ One like= one Lamborghini to your door step. One subscriber= one kiss from your crush and you getting one million to your door step. 7 r such a nerd. Out there. Lol it"s champagne not Apple juice. You lied. My cats called Max. My locker has a switch in side. The pals are funny but Dennis is is funnier!??. You lied to us. By saying your done with the 3560s, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. EXCEPT THIS ONE. Me: OH COME ON. My locker is worse than that and I"m in middle school. Did you have anybody bully you in highschool.

You best. Is he doing a 180. How bad could this go? Worser than her madness ?? ?? ??. That stuff hurts my ears BAD. Don"t don"t do no more 360s. My teacher bullied me in real life. I love game. The teacher was cussing LOL. Best High School Prank. Zai watch jeffy. The portal from the science room is from Rick and Morty.

Yeesh if i pranked my teacher he would take my play time and gym away for more than a week. Denis to many 360. YOU SAID YOU WOULD STOP DOING 3 SIXTY"S. I luv you haha. Wow does every teacher has too be Bossy and Evil. Btw i got the worst teacher EVER. Haha I love you your my fav YouTuber. Denis can you make a VIP server PLEASE. 5 days? Why mine is 24 mins. I am your biggest fan. Can you do a house tour? Of your house. I played this. I love the 360s.

You lid to us that you would do a 360. I have a teacher named Mrs. King and she"s like that. But geez that"s bad. YOU HAVE A DEVIL HEART. Love your 360 ??????. Ur amazing game is cutest thing ever since you have to be done this video. But ceep up the work. Do the speed-run obby (btw that is what it"s called. XD I GOT WINDOWS TOO. Well,I Have NEVER Pranked my teacher because i"m already teacher"s pet btw >3 You Zaira >3. Do you play mincraft. Denis, you remind me of Jim Carrey idk why. I"m a huge fan I send you a freind request. THIS IS THE FIRST ROBLOX GAME I EVER PLAYED.

Leeee360. I already do. I played this ;D. Hi i gust subed i love ur vids wondering if you can give me a shout out. Hello you are the best you tuber now.

Floor is Lava! 1 2 3 FLOOR IS LAVA! You made it? I did

Ios my teacher"s crazy day ideas. What"s your Roblox name. U know zai iv,e pranked my teacher XD. Ios my teacher"s crazy day pics. Its just your apinyon. Try making a draw my life video. Classic zai. I love you so much ! Also I love science !YAY. Ios my teacher"s crazy day memes. In Japan if somebody leaves you a flower on your desk that means they want you dead. Best high school prank ever. That"s a big bump. Haha??????.

I LOVE YOUR VIDS. They probably liked cleaning. Ios my teacher"s crazy day quote. Nope now one bully,s my. Nice videos and I watch this every day and make a meep city vid please. Good news Denis i think your videos are great keep I joined in on the fanclub. Denis accept my friend request my name is Anahi700. Shut up and play the game alreay.

Youre the best YouTuber and 360

Haw cod u prank a tichar?? hahahaha my frind do ?? but ai lov e my tichar?? Rays yor sands if u love yor tichar????. When"s your next video going to be sign Katelynn Catherine Marsh.


I play this game. Denis you are the king of obbys. Zaiii if you"re Rloblox mom new about these she be like zai go to your room. Hi, zai I love y so much and can you do morning routine. Ahh Windows 10 sounds Interrupting Everything Insert Windows 10 Joke Here. Lol. Windows is a bad machine! It will deathen you lolololol! Jokes. And I love you. I saw someone at my school had your backpack. She is like baby kusha. They took the lockers out of my school. When I was in 8th they took them out of the high school. And, now Im in 9th, and we dont have any.

Yassssssssss zai you have the right to prank that mean teacher and by the way love your vidsssssss can u go back on the game Hilton hotel tomorrow please my name on roblox is princess Katie but I"m a nerd are you okay with that. Your puppy is so cuttie so I want to smell it"s booty A funny joke. I have the same game. Please don"t do 360 again.

Why do you do 360s. I done a 360 in real life. Denis, can you friend me on Roblox. I love your Denis backpack??????. Why is everyone being mean to Denis I think I"m gonna be the nice comet person don"t know if I spelled that right but I LOVE YOU DENIS DO MORE 360"S PLZ FOR REVENGE. I feel your pain when windows notifications comes on. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy days. Art class is underground. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day 2. That face is from eskies from rick an Morty. Can i be your friend and how do I get your merch.

Mad teacher was harsh on the kids. Denis is so cool. I love you as a girlfriend. You make me feel better on my bad days. Lol 8 months late 2018. I love you"re vids denis. Stop with the 360 im sereos. I love all your videos so much. Ios my teacher"s crazy day quotes. ?? I love school so much I never want to leave school. About Windowns ?T BLOW UP MY HEARS. ? EARS WHAS HURT?NG THEN.

Ios my teacher"s crazy day theme

YOUR MAKEING ME MAD STOP THE 3 60s. Ios my teacher"s crazy day gif.

Why are you upsessd whith 360s

Your the best. I never did. OBBY TRICKSHOT. Zai play halewood story. I thought the first notifacation was from my laptop XD. Denis Can you keep doing 360s. Dennis can you play a horror game and if you do that I will give you a Thousand scribers every time I watch your videos ??????????????????????????????????????ilovecat they are the best right Dennis Dennis your videos are the best. Macarthur Via Wolli Creek.

I noticed that what those kids said rimed a lot. Joke for the hurdles: man they are a real tripper. Zaira there"re is more. Dude bro I"ve played this before but you doing so good. Who is here before 1000 veiws ??????????. OMG ur nails Zai they look AMAZING I LOVE THEM ?? and also I love ur videos u make my days. Hahaha denis is noob in ROBLOX. The bloxwach is coming for you. I love your vids I watch them every single day. WHAT IS THAT GAME CALLED AM GONNA DOWNLOAD IT IT LOOKS REALLY FUN. I"ve played this obby and loads of other escape the school obbys. They"re like let"s make her more mad so she can get fired and lose her temper start throwing the chairs at us. What about alex. This video is so good :D Keep making more. OMG Zai your probably the best YouTuber I"ve ever watched. Playing right now.

Your not allowed makeup at school. OMG THIS IS A KIDS GAME YET THEY NEED TO BE BLOCKED OUT! GOOD JOB ZIARA. NO BECOUSE THATN IS BADAND IM GOOD BUT YOU SLPAYSLAY. D: It"s TOO SCARY I have mean teachers they yell at me for no reason. Play update escape grandma obby. Is that suv. I love youuuuu i want you to live with me. The person that used to live in the house next door (dead) had pink eyelashes on her car. [Ios] My Teacher"S crazy days. Ios my teacher"s crazy days. Lol there eye lashes on the car but FOR REALS in real life I saw a car and for the lights on the front they put eyelashes on it a eye liner ??. Hey Denis If U play mobile Roblox come play Numoius I"ma Be There It"s A Bendy And The chine Play This If You. Will. Zai coiuld u make a blog again in episode on boy PLEASE.

That happens to my friend but she fell on concreet. Ios my teacher"s crazy day meme. Good thing Zai covered it up (IT SAID A NOT KID FRIENDLY WORD IN A A KIDS GAME But I love ur vids zai:3. I go to the YMCA after school in school. You said no more 3 sicsties. Denis:he needs some help Me:HE NEEDS SOME MILK. The windows blasted my ears off too soooo loud! ????. You are the boss of Roblox??. Keep doing 360s. I amYour biggest fan. I go to that obby in i finish. You said you will stop doing 3.60s??. I love your nails. I love you ????. Can you play fume salon roblox.

Lol Zai I wanted well want to how else did

I love your nails so, much. I,m in grade 4 this year. Would you do theis in real life to the Teacher. Ios my teacher"s crazy day photos. Ios my teacher"s crazy day pictures. Its not flower zai its flour XD LOVE U ZAI. Best High School Prank. It said oh those damn rascals. Who play Roblox too? I"m Shadow_FighterYT5 Denis I"m your FAN. Gurllll this teacher is not chill like her class room.

I was once turned into a clone of denis

Ios my teacher"s crazy day work. Who said we can you can bring pets to school. You said no 360s. Ios my teacher"s crazy day images. U are hs u omost killed me by loling. Zai I was in ur live stream chat yesterday I was so happy bc I was sick and u were live streaming. [Ios] My Teacher"S Crazy day by day. Ios my teacher"s crazy day today. Ive played this game before its pretty good. This was so funny. You are very pretty. I defiantly subscribed I <3 u so much. Xx. I have the same laptop but I low the volume for notifications so. Best high School prank.

WHO"S THE BEST? Thumbs Up= DENIS Comment = CORL Subscriba= BOTH

Lol what if that existed straight A+s just for a makeover. Love you so much Zai. Play thief Simulator. Love the video zai and I saw your mama videos she is so beautiful I mean your mom just like you.


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Lite Version
120,2 mB
language: English
publish Dates: 2011-12-01
notices: I think this game is a great game but there are a few things you could change. I think you could make it so when you breed your horse you can choose a variety of coats. I also think you can make it so that you have to buy another stall or buy the racetrack so you can race on more than one. Hope you can put these into the game. Horses ?? ????????????
User Interface improved




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published Date 2010-11-16
1248078 Kilobytes
Devices Iphone
genres Action
critique I absolutely adore the game. The plain simplicity of it, the non stop action which keeps you on edge. I’ve had this game for not long, I admit. I’ve had it on PS3 and PC and I can genuinely say I’m loving every bit of it
audience Score 126 Votes
Language Italian
0:59 car carryer. @speedgamer01 but i in the race press alt+f2 or other is no work.

Dude it works thank you so much you are awesome. 3 20 lvl racer and cop wow that"s insase you are awesome PEACE.


Hack to spike EMP nitro block heli. Will it work for ps3. Thanks man but dislike. It works thx now i can troll my friends a little :P.

Alright man get out of the glitch and show us your real driving

Hey can give me a cheat code for unlimited money. They call him cheater, I call him hero. How u do that. Thanks man. Why not work. I remember that there was this one time I was playing online as a cop and there was this 1 guy that stayed behind and no one looked after him cause he wasn"t moving so,me and my cop friends chased and took down all the racers then went back to get that guy but then he started moving and went out of the little line there is so you don"t trespass "the one with the lines pointing where to go" and no one could get him.I call him a master of trolling xD.

@speedgamer01 That"s exactly what I did. Probabily cheating is the noobest thing ever but it"s funny to see others don"t knowing what"s happening, why they are so weak! Good to prank your friends that you are better than your friends when they saying that you are a noob. The first link works fro Windows XP 32bit to Windows 8 64bit no work for windows 10. EDIT: nvm it works, just pressing keys wrong.

Is el nino a real car sure looks like a buggati. Does not work. Why is driving slowly cheating. Cheat engine is virus. Does this work for PS3 just asking. And you why don"t join with ISAF against cheaters?togheter LorenzoIntercept. Man i find the folder. if someone cant find have to search on the " start" down-left. thnx a lot keep on helping peolple. Yes its work tnx bro. Thanks its really work. MrEnxus rocks on Xbox. Xxo VIZZA oxX.

Nothing is available. Hey. speedgamer01 wud u plzz tell me how to use this trainer. Cheater. 1:25 walking car. @SIRmidget1 yea. well, language like other ones. The same letters, just different placement. cheers man. Yeah this is the PC. Can u do some for xbox. Thanks mate. Cheating then that player has either played it alot longer or just has a good strategy so i try to be freinds with strong players, and ask for hints and tips, and maybe i know some tips for them, i got accused for cheating, so i proved i wasnt, in the next match i let them win so they could see i take damage as easily as they do, and thats what your supposed to, try to make your opponents feel comftorble playin with u, cause alot of my opponents seemed like they start with all kinds of weapons t.

Is this pc kind. Hi can you please even do for Blast from the Past Gauntlet. How u do that. Why police not say awa aaaaaaaaaah if they upsaide down like old day by horn. Was this song an in-in-game track? I don"t recall, but then again it"s been lle 15 years since I"ve played this lol, so much memories.

It only added two more cars in Exotic What about the other secret cars

Hey what should i do. Thank you so much it works. Hey l like your video i download it fine and ctrl + f10 works but when i use ctrl + f11 or 12 or other it close the game why can you help me, or tell me if i hace to install it in the game carpet please. Where do you activate the cheats. Hey how can i freez the time of the race with the police car in nfs hot pursuit with cheat engine. Lol this fucking idiot doesnt even have the file uploaded anymore. @Anoobinatornia Hmm. I think your right though. I gotta stop playing so much Empire Earth! XD. I have cheat engine 6.4 will that work. Worked for me too. But what it is Boost RPM. Belea merge mersi.

Dang if people would only cheat against the ai, we might still have game sharks, even if i could cheat i would never do that online, people who do that, needs to be reported to sony, so we can play online and at least have a fair match, sony is gonna start goin after cheaters, its not cool to hack their software, esp. since after a update they will catch you, i had to stop playin re5 online, almost everyone cheats on it. so please learn sportsmanship, if i loose to another player who isnt che. Saviour. Where is 16.4 coupe. What does video mode even do. Thank you so much you are great. It"s work. damn. thank. @speedgamer01 never mind. What is your cam.

@speedgamer01 ur AWESOME THX VERY MUCH

Can u make an updated video the link download doesn"t work. There is another race at the same area with HOT PURSUIT mode. Avalanche as I remember. Worked but i cant unlock cars. Im playng need for speed hp on steam on my pc! and this hack is great, after win one mach u need to wait 30min. that game can ulock all cars. its funny thanks bro for great hack. <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE IT. As with most online games there are some who just can"t resist ruining the game for everyone else. It leaves only the option of forming friends groups of people you trust if you want to avoid the hackers.

How do u go threw the barriers in online for hot pursuit mode

I won"t (like you said. But I will give you a LIKE. @Anoobinatornia It"s because America is apparently the most powerful civilization in the world and at some point in school all country"s are taught English. Pc or ps3. @z3r0XBoZz I didn"t win because shortly after recording the video I quit out and found a new lobby. Thanks good video. San andreas song lol. I love the bugatti. Thanks man. PC CODES. What is you nickname. Not Working on my Pc Game Win 8.1 when should i type this cheat Code. Try it now,it should work.

Virus ? just asking ik you dont post viruses but i want top be safe

At 1:38 thats proof you arent really busting them because you dont destroy there car you supposed to stop in front of them so they cant move. Thanks bro it really works. This is so working! all download and like now. Like bro pro. I need it for ps3. @nigeleckzdee Are you an idiot. I dont get nothing. The game crash for me. Sorry,I don"t have this game anymore so I can"t check some other unlocker. I"m not subscribing. At first i was like wtf, then when you went through the barrier is was like WTF. When we use unlimited nitro the computer racers use it. Takes the fun out of the game. :c Pretty cool though. xD. Which trainer are you using. Trainer us game not responding problem. Win did winning the game become more important then the challange of playing it. I have never used a hack, it gets frustrating at times to play fair, but only when some effing hacker makes himself look like a chump while trying to make you look like a chump.

Sorry didn"t know that will anyway you can complete the story with much better cars xD.
@Anubis The Great its more like a super shortcut lol this is awesome Thx. ????????.
It has a virus.
@2398domi yea, who likes them. other way. who cares what they say. cheers.
It not working ???.


Hey,thanks so much man owe ya one.

Thank you! getting my level reset enough makes playing the game all the way through less fun. Obv a virus. You"re welcome,glad it worked. Thankz my friend it works.



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